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Electronic Document Services - Litigation Support

We are the experts in electronic document management.

We prepared the first Electronic Factum and Appeal Book filed with the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan and designed the draft specifications adopted by the Court in April 2001. We have provided seminars on electronic document production for the Saskatchewan Legal Education Society (SKLESI) in both Regina and Saskatoon and for Saskatchewan law firms.

If you have a document production project, we can provide you with state-of-the-art computer based solutions. Or we can do it for you on a custom fee-for-service arrangement.

Our current preferred system uses Adobe Acrobat Capture software to scan documents and optically recognize and index text in documents. Documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format on a CD-ROM disk fully bookmarked and linked to permit easy navigation of documents for anyone who can click a mouse.

We will:

  • co-ordinate firm-wide efforts to produce and manage electronic documents within your firm.
  • convert your paper documents to electronic documents according to Court specifications.
  • provide the CD's and software required for filing electronic documents in Court.
  • set up systems in your firm and train your staff to allow you to do this work in-house.
For more information contact us.

Custom Application Software
If you have an application that you would like to develop or an existing one that needs fixing, call us. We can do it all:

  • concept and design,
  • software development,
  • testing,
  • manuals and on-line help
  • distribution.

See our Calculex software applications.

Custom Database Publishing
Large Organizations: Publish your own professional directory publications directly from the information already contained in your database.

  • We can do it all for you - including the printing and advertising.
  • Or we can provide you with custom database software and page layouts for your publication and let you send camera ready pages to your favourite print shop (either printable files in Adobe PDF file format or pages from your own Postscript® laser printer).

    For more information, contact us.

  • Download sample pages (PDF format)

Law Office Technology Consulting
Lexicon Graphics combines 27 years experience in computer technology and 19 years in law practice to provide practical and effective advice in all matters relating to the use of technology in the day to day practice of law. We know what Canadian law offices need. And we know how to get it in the door and working for you. Technology that works for your firm. Give us a call.


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