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JIM SCOTT: Sentencing Bias Helpful Links

JIM SCOTT: Sentencing Bias Helpful Links



Here are some of the links we talked about at the February 27, 2015 meeting:  I also recommend any of the Office of the Correctional Investigator's annual reports. 


Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples


Report of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba


They Came for the Children - Interim Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission


A review of James Daschuk's "Clearing the Plains" to get people interested in reading the book.


Justice and Reconciliation with Dr. Joe Solanto,


Addressing Trauma - Part I


Addressing Trauma - Part II


Corrections and Conditional Release Stats for 2014


High Rate of Maori in Prison


Justice Behind the Walls


The Origins of Reasonable Doubt


Gladue Reports and the Sentencing of Aboriginals


Reforming Saskatchewan's Biased Sentencing Regime


Scott and Beaven Law Office