Our Services

From corporate-commercial deals and real-estate transactions to wills and estates, Scott Phelps & Mason covers most areas of legal practice.

With an experienced team from many different law backgrounds, we’re able to provide full legal services to clients – throughout Saskatchewan and beyond.


Our Team

Gordon W. Phelps, Partner
Andrew M. Mason, Partner
Jessie C. Buydens, Partner
Nicole V. Payne, Partner
Jean-Pierre C. Séguin, Partner
Kevin W. Scott
Derrek S. Fahl, Partner
Jason R. Brunton, Counsel
Celia C.L. Harradence, Associate
Dean L. Ehrmantraut, Associate
Dulguun Mijiddorj
Ella Odpaga-Steedman
Hannah Lander
Kaleb Beauchesne
Karalee Hogg
Karina Franklin
Kashmira Khadilkar

Sharing over 156 years of Saskatchewan legal experience.

The Partners at SPM Law share a rich history together. Joined by associate lawyers who share the view that the practice of law is about finding practical solutions for clients.


We make it our business to professionally manage all the legal matters that you or your business may have.