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Materials Published by Scott Phelps & Mason Lawyers

From time to time lawyers are asked to present papers at conferences or seminars or provide instruction to students or for Continuing Legal Education events.

Scott Phelps & Mason lawyers are no exception and have provided papers on many occasions. We have collected a few of these that you may find useful or just interesting.

Continuing Legal Education

Long recognized in the legal community as a leading innovator in the use of technology in the practice of law, Andrew Mason has promoted the use of electronic documents in civil actions. He developed a system for electronic appeals that has been adopted by the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. He has made several presentations to lawyers on the use of computers and information technology. Here are two of his papers:
Legal Resources and the Internet – December 1999
Producing, Managing and Using Electronic Documents in a Law Firm – June 2001.

Criminal Law

Andrew Mason has been an active member of the Saskatoon Criminal Defence Lawyers Association for many years. He has organized and presented several seminars at Canadian Bar Association meetings on criminal law subjects since 1985. In 2002 he presented a paper on the subject of Preliminary Inquiries at a Saskatchewan Legal Education Society (SKLESI) conference on criminal law issues

Andrew acted as defence counsel on the first case in Saskatchewan in which DNA evidence was used. See his paper on DNA Evidence presented at a SKLESI televised seminar in 2009.

Expert Evidence

Andrew Mason’s undergraduate background in physics and mathematics has helped him handle expert evidence in many civil and criminal trials and appeals over the past 35+ years. He has had an ongoing interest in solving legal puzzles and identifying where cases have gone wrong. Mr. Mason has researched and written about certain aspects of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy. He has examined the evidence relating to the sequence of shots that struck President Kennedy and Governor John Connally on November 22, 1963. In his paper dealing with the “Magic Bullet” theory, he identifies significant discrepancies between the Warren Commission’s Single Bullet Theory and the evidence and explains why the theory cannot be correct. While many writers have attacked the single bullet theory in order to promote conspiracy theories, Mr. Mason is the first author to put forward an explanation that does not imply that the shots were fired from more than one gun. See: Witness Evidence in the JFK Assassination